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Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development


Technology in Early Childhood Education

Do you know that educational technologies effectively support learning about language skills; emergent literacy; vocabulary; story structure and meaning; concepts of print; phonological awareness, and word reading?

Children are able to learn from screens (ex. tablets) when they are older than 2 years of age because their learning becomes more flexible as they get older. When their language and cognitive skills improve and their social awareness and experience with screens grows, children can transfer learning from screens to the real world.

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Experts’ papers

The topic has a focus on e-books and apps that are intended to support language and literacy learning by children.

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Where you will find app reviews, blogs, reports, articles and various organizations about digital media and children.

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Young children and technology: Finding the right balance

Information sheet

Young children and technology:
Finding the right balance

“Children are more likely to learn from digital media when the content is age appropriate, engaging and educational.”

Topic Editor: Dr. Susan Rvachew, McGill University, Canada

This topic is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Digital Media Partnership Development Grant) and the Ruth Ratner Miller Foundation.

Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development

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